Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scott Low –The Stories I Shouldn’t Tell

Scott Low currently leads the band Efren, as well as penning his own southern folk songs.  He has been writing and playing songs a long time and has dabbled in many genres: punk, jazz, bluegrass, rock, blues, folk, Americana, country, not in that order.  Playing hundreds of stages and rooms, the song has lead the way.

A songwriter/storyteller at the top of his game, on his first solo album Scott Low presents us an album of intense storytelling and well-crafted songs, barebones but intrinsically woven around beautiful melody’s, the guitar spills forth with an emotion of its own carrying the listener to one’s own inner reflections.
At times Scott channels Neil Young at his height, on the songs Cactusgrass, Meet Me Above, Crumble and In Sickness I Am Health to great effect and I don’t think that’s hyperbole.

While Efren will never die, Scott Low has a separate agenda, a dark road that must be traversed alone.

Track List:
1. 6 Strings of Pity
2. Stuck In The Country
3. Cactusgrass
4. Been Thru Crazy
5. Everynight Drugs
6. Meet Me Above
7. Crumble
8. Ain't No Pain
9. Red Pill
10. In Sickness I Am Health
11. Caviar Pillows
12. Run Away
13. Write A New Song
14. I'll Bring The Wine

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