Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Yawpers - "Good Songs/Shitty Versions"

Photo: George Blosser
Nate Cook, Jesse Parmet, James Hale

Last year at this time October 30th The Yawpers dropped one of the best albums of 2012, their debut LP "Capon Crusade" an expansive and diverse blending rock/blues riffs, country twang with punkitude.
Coming October 31st, in what the lads may have entered into as a lark, at a studio in Bill Douglass/Royal Recording Colorado Springs "Good Songs/Shitty Versions" Recorded in one day at a studio in Colorado Springs. (Bill Douglass/Royal Recording) is a covers album as only The Yawpers can do, rough, loose, let the shit hit the fan and see what sticks. What sticks is every song on this great covers album. It isn’t easy doing covers unless you completely own the songs and make them your own, The Yawpers do just that in their brazen style.

They twang up ‘Sweet Emotion’ with a Rock a Billy middle finger to "The Bad Boys from Boston"
The King gets punked and capowned as the lads tighten and hoist their tighty whiteys for background vocals on ‘Suspicious Minds’
Slowing it down as Ween pleas on,  ‘Booze Me Up and Get Me High’ The Yawpers demand ‘Booze Me Up and Get Me High’
Yakety Yak (The Coasters) gets blasted to high heaven and falls back down to earth in glorious pieces of debris.  Can you cover yourself? The Yawpers take their song ‘Silicone Love’ speed it up, surf it up and add a punk a billy attitude to it.
Ripping through Ace of Spades (Motorhead) like meth head maniacs, guitars ablaze and drums pounding at the gates of hell leaving Lemmy asking ‘What the fuck just happened?’

"Good Songs/Shitty Versions" Track List: (right click save as)
2.   Suspicious Minds (Elvis)      
4.   Yakety Yak (The Coasters)      
5.       Silicone Love (The Yawpers) yes they cover themselves

I ask Nate about how this came together:
For real, we just wanted to make something quick, dirty, and fun for our fans to hold them over until our next release in the Spring. And yeah, it was a total fucking blast. Zero pressure. When you're not overly invested, it's easier just to let things fly. 
It's just stupid versions of good songs. We might call it that, actually ... 'Stupid Versions of Good Songs.'

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