Monday, October 14, 2013

James Crawford Debut Album

What category does the music of Nashville’s James Crawford most closely fit? First and foremost he is an amazingly talented guitarist singer/songwriter with a slight touch of raspiness in his cool as an ice cube with sunglasses voice. James self-titled debut album intertwines the blues with a bit of country, folk, western swing and Dixieland in a distinctly original sound. Definitely essential listening for those with discerning taste.
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Track List:
1. Go Home Daddy (You're Drunk)
2. Too Scared To Run Away
3. Requiem For The Disconsolate.mp3
4. All The While
5. Thin Edge Of A Knife
6. My Guitar
7. Headed For The Promised Land
8. Tremble Town
9. It's All OK
10. May The Road Rise To Meet Your Face


James' career in music has been equally diverse, from 1980s rock to blues and country, with an emphasis on songwriting and performance. His early song “Love Can Make You Blind” charted in the Billboard Top 20 for Every Mother's Nightmare on Arista Records while James toured Canada and Alaska with his first blues band. Back in Nashville, he continued to explore new genres and develop his unique songwriting style, playing country music with Sony recording artist Brad Cotter and Americana with Nancy Middleton, while working weeknights with a blues three-piece and an acoustic duo.

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