Monday, September 30, 2013

The Intermission Project - Debut EP 'Sorry'

Jim Rubaduka, Alex Stevens and Charlie Campbell

Hailing from Ashford in Kent England. The Intermission Project formed when primary school friends Jim Rubaduka and Alex Stevens were reunited through their love of music in 2011 at Sixth Form College in Ashford. Charlie Campbell has since joined on drums to complete this talented ensemble.
Their EP ‘Sorry’ has an extensive mixture of influences combined into just three Acoustic-Folk songs, well-crafted robust instrumentation, strong songwriting and sprightly vocals carry throughout the EP. For such a young band they sound well versed in the shoulders of the greats they stand upon. Looking forward to a full length release.
Upcoming Show Dates
21st October Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 
16th November Revelation St Mary's

Released 23 September 2013
All songs written by Jim Rubaduka (copyright control)
Performed by Jim Rubaduka, Alex Stevens, Sam Hall
Recorded & mixed by Chris D'Adda at Vale Studios
Mastered by Dick Beetham at 360 Masterting
Cover photo: Mark Ward

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