Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Watch & Listen 2 New Songs & Videos from Scott Low debut "The Stories I Shouldn’t Tell”

Scott Low currently leads the Atlanta band Efren, as well as penning his own southern folk songs. He has been writing and playing songs a long time and has dabbled in many genres: punk, jazz, bluegrass, rock, blues, folk, Americana, and country.
 “The Stories I Shouldn’t Tell”, is Scott Low's debut solo album. Check out the haunting new track ‘Cactus Grass’ and the country rambler 'Stuck In The Country'
Available on iTunes and CDBaby

Handpicked Artists Presents... cactusgrass. Debut track from Scott Low's first solo album 'The Stories I Shouldn't Tell' album release date is Oct. 1st, 2013 video produced, directed and edited by d.g.cook

Previously on Popa’s Tunes> Efren - NEW Album 'Write a New Song'


  1. Thanks so much!!! here is a link to the awesome video!!!

  2. dang it! that was in the draft, I must have lost it before i published!


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