Friday, September 6, 2013

Francie Moon - NEW EP 'Morning Red'

Last month we introduced you to Francie Moon, as she heads out this week to conquer America she dropped this bluesy/folksy 4 song EP 'Morning Red' for our listening pleasue! As always with Francie's songs, they move me hence I included the lyrics, something I usually don't do. Give her a listen I am really rootin' for this young lady to succeed with her dream. Drop some dead Presidents on the bandcamp page.

Tracks List:
1. Carolina Mountains 
Take me to the peak  
Of the Carolina Mountains 
Take me to the beach 
Where the butterflies roam 
Where the raggae echos all day long 
And it reaches my heart with it's song 
And we'll listen to the monkies cry 
All night long ~ Oh oh oh oh 

Hey now, how are you going to put me down 
When I'm refuged under my sound cloud 
Cause you can't crawl under my skin cause my skin 
It ain't thin, anymore 

Hide ho ~ forget my troubles 
Drive past my sorrows 
For the hopes of a better tomorrow 
And I'm dancing to the tunes 
And I'm breaking all my rules 
And I got nothing to speak for the whole damn week 
Cause I'm going to the peak 
Of the Carolina Mountains

2. Red Cloud Road 
Red Cloud Road 
It's where I want to go 
It's where I want my death 
Where I wanna take my last breath 
Red Cloud Road 
Oh take me home 

And oh dear momma if I die young 
Oh dear momma if I die young 
Just let me go 
Just let me go 

Cause I need some place to rest 
Somewhere to put my head 
And I need some where to be 
And maybe here ain't for me 
And oh dear momma tell the family 
Oh dear momma tell the family 
That I'm free 
That I'm free

Francie Moon and the Great Outdoors 'Red Cloud Road' LIVE at Arlene's Grocery 

3. Swept Under the Rug 
Ain't got a good thing to hold on to 
Ain't proud to be this far 
Still got a lot of things to do 
And only a half tank in my car 

The mountains are big but not big enough 
And the ocean's width in my range 
Loosely feeling is always deceiving 
It rains too much on a cloudy day 

A jaded heart 
A jealous soul 
A sad mind 
It lost control 
I won't submit 
I'm worry free 
But this worry 
It's growing like the trees 
In times we wait for the bomb to drop 
Our friends are understanding 
And others are not 
I can't believe these problems have grown so long 
Swept Under the Rug 

My mind is tossed like a salad 
Mixed like greens and scrambled like eggs 
Baked like beans and sprinkled with dressing 
To feel better I don't know what it would take

4. Drops in the Rain (on the porch) 
You know they say 
We're all drops in the rain 
But some men 
Carry more burden than others 

You know they say 
We should all be like Able and not Cain 
But it's still sad we have to watch out for our brothers 

A lover's quarrel ~ more hurtful while you're close 
Yelling at a man to get off your soil 
While we all sip tea, eat toast 
Like a shirt mends together so do friends 
So lets become master sewers and stitch ourselves together 
And stop playing pretend 

A smile is contagious ~ a real one, that is 
You can't always tell what's in their hearts by what's on their lips 
Same goes with the tongue ~ it's deceiving of course 
People tell good lies anymore without any force 

From the moon to the stars 
To Venus and Mars 
The world is always spinning 

From the middle of nowhere 
To the middle of everywhere 
As long as its still spinning 
I have something to share

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