Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Debut EP From Rock Quintet Louis London - On Your Lips We Roared

Ed Saloman: Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Jack O’Donnell: Keyboards/Percussion
Nick Ingall: Guitar
Karl Fernandes: Bass/Vocals/Guitar
Jack Kiddell: Drums

Sprawling yet intimate, epic but warm, the young Aussies of Louis London are a study in dichotomy: a wildly eclectic and diverse set of influences coming together to create an entirely new sound. On their debut EP On Your Lips We Roared, the quintet of Louis London are comfortable staying in the indie rock/pop pocket, but flourishes of grand chamber bombast, ambient instrumental, and jazz color the corners.
“Our song formulas and concepts draw on all our different musical pasts, as well as the nature of contemporary popular music,” explains the band. “Chamber groups and orchestras, as well as more recent musical evolutions such as blues, jazz and of course rock and roll have influenced our tunes and concept of music.”

Having garnered a huge audience down under with sold out shows and Triple J airplay, Louis London now have their sights set on American shores. Having played music for the majority of their lives, the early twenty-somethings of Louis London found each other and immediately connected, with all sharing a strong work ethic and burning drive for success.
 “We are all very active and engaged people,” explains Karl Fernandes (Bass/Vocals/Guitar). “From Australian and international politics to environmental issues and visual arts to sport. With five people in the band our interests range far and wide which helps keep the music fresh and creative.”
As for the album title, the band confesses that it’s about getting as close to the listener as possible, which might also serve as the band’s mission statement.
 “It’s weirdly erotic I suppose,” admits Ed Saloman (Vocals/Guitar/Bass). Being so close to someone that you get that really proximal, intimate, intensity of emotion was what it was about for me, and something that I still want to recreate when we play live.”
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On Your Lips We Roared
1. Old L.A.
2. Hardly Hear You.mp3
3. Two Weeks
4. Weaver
5. Go Quietly
6. To The Edge & Back

'This Night Time' - Official Music Video
Director: Ted O'Donnell -
Director of Photography: Tim Tregoning -
Camera Assistant: Sam De Teliga
Editor: Simon Njoo
Colourist: Dylan Munro

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