Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PREIMERE! Skeletons in the Piano NEW Video 'The Price Put on You'

Skeletons in the Piano are:
Elijah Hargrave – Vocals and Guitar
Dustin Alexander – Bass and Vocals
Jeff Ayers – Violin and Keys
Eric Donovan – Drums
Brad Thibodeau – Guitar
Tatianna Morales – Dance/provoke
Katarra Peterson – Dance/invoke

Popa's very excited to PREIMERE! The new video from Skeletons in the Piano 'The Price Put On You' from their recently released album Please Don't Don't Die

The new video finds our favorite band spoofing on 1994's cult favorite Airhead and mind-blowin' slapstick hilarity ensues! Eli, Eric and Dustin play the main parts, with Brad as Micheal Richards character, Katarra as a radio employee and Jeff as the record exec.

The Official Music Video for the track The Price Put on You off the album Please Don't Die by Skeletonsin the Piano courtesy of Magnetic Eye Records 2013


Purchase the track at iTunes: Deluxe Digital Download or the VINYL Record from Magnetic Eye Records 

Thanks to 102.7 WEQX
EQXPosure and Jesus Christ! and the Hallucinogenic Allstars

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Please Don't Die released 20 April 2013

Track List:
1. The Price Put On You
2. Memory Lane Needs A Garbage Man
3. Disposable Televisions, Disposable Guns
4. Digging Underneath The House
5. Long Pig
6. The Blood Beyond
8. Oh, Rose

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