Monday, September 23, 2013

Star Anna - Debut Solo 'Go To Hell' Releases September 24

Star Anna growls 'my love will haunt you' on 'Power of My Love, on this debut solo release her voice will haunt you. Her fourth album, 'Go To Hell' leaves behind her long time band The Laughing Dogs, partnering with Tye Baille as band leader, co writer, producer and takes another step away from her beginnings as an Ellensburg sidewalk busker and alt country ingĂ©nue, reaching deep into blues Star emerges anguished and riveting with captivating impassioned vocals as she sings of real life experiences, pain and hardship. 
"I was surprised by how I was able to push myself vocally," she says proudly.  "When the guys would say, 'Ok, that was good, but go do it again and just let loose,' I'd think, 'well, fine, fuck you.  I thought that was great.  You'll see.  I just can't do better.'  But, somehow I was always able to pull it out."She continues, "It was nice to be able to focus on just the vocals and let the rest of the guys worry about the music."
Two big firsts for Star on Go To Hell is the inclusion of covers, including Tom Waits' "Come On Up to The House," and co-writing with someone that wasn't in the band, her friend Shane Tutmarc, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, The song "Let Me Be," which was co-written with Tutmarc, has some of the album's most significant lyrics for Star.
Star Anna, counts the likes of Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and Guns ‘n’ Roses original Duff McKagan, as fans. Duff McKagan wrote of her singing, "She is the real deal. There is a pain in her voice that comes from somewhere deep, a place I dare not ask where it comes from."  Nicole Brodeur of the Seattle Times described her as having "a voice full of bluster that will slam the door behind you, then find itself alone to take in the loneliness, the quiet, the beauty."

“For Anyone,” is a semi-grungy blues rocker.  The title track, “Go To Hell,” which is a lot like a neo-”House of the Rising Sun.”  These two songs, along with “Younger Than,” which is a powerful tale of a messed-up childhood, “Let Me Be” and “Power of my Love” anchor the  album’s overall alt-blues compositions. ”Mean Kind of Love” features an old-school country vibe. The Tom Waits cover ”Come Up to the House” features Tye Baille with some powerful honky tonk piano. “Smoke Signals” is an outright rocker.  “Everything You Know” is a sweeping atmospheric ballad.

"She is a tinderbox waiting to explode. All she needs is the right spark. We just hope that by sharing these words, video and especially that voice, the right people will get to hear her." - Brian More Amazing Radio Instore

Go to Hell drops September 24 - Pre-Order
Track Listing: 
2. Go To Hell
3. Electric Lights
4. Let Me Be
5. Mean Kind of Love
6. Younger Than
7. Power of My Love
8. Everything You Know
9. Come On Up To The House
10. Smoke Signals

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