Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paul Saint John - Debut 'Eleventeen'

Originally from the East Coast of Scotland (he was a founding member of the UK folk-rock group, The Cottonfield), now based out of Philadelphia, Paul Saint John is a one man band, his debut album – 'Eleventeen' (as his kids learned to count to twenty each one of them counted  9,10, eleventeen 12, 13, etc) is interspersed with harmonica throughout the album, John’s crisp unique vocals used at times as call and response and his rhythmic guitar that he works as a drum beat create the sound of a robust band.  Scottish folk lies just under the surface of his songwriting as simple things in life oft overlooked anchor his story telling.
The opening track ‘All the Kings Horses’ is an earworm that immediately pulls you in and you’re hooked, “Raining Cats and Dogs” finds its groove somewhere between Dylan and John Prine, and is propelled with a forcefully strummed acoustic guitar and a bright harmonica adds detail. “Pillars of Hercules” shows a gentler side, and its ‘60s coffee-house ambience brings to mind Fred Neil and Buckley Sr. The album ends with “I'm Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde” – its rolling structure is incredibly appealing, and lodges itself firmly in the part of the brain that appreciates that sort of thing. you’ll keep coming back to this album for multiple listens.

Paul Saint John available as download at Cd BabyiTunesAmazon  Available as physical Cd at Cd Baby and Amazon.

Track List
1. All The Kings Horses
2. Marry Me
3. Raining Cats and Dogs
4. Summertime
5. Bank Holiday
6. Pillars of Hercules
7. Six Feet Under
8. The Rainbows End
9. Lord, I Got a Problem
10. I'm Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde

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