Monday, September 2, 2013

NEW Video and Single from The End Men 'Work'

Matthew Hendershot - vox, guitar, bass, other
Livia Ranalli - drums, percussions, toys, vox, other

As The End Men ready for their second European Tour, on this Labor Day they have dropped a new single and a video titled 'Work' a dark commentary on the state of corporate greed permeating from the elites at the top of the food chain and the effects it has on our society as a whole. 

Work, as a video, is the visual complement to The End Men’s new single Work, released today for the first time to the public featuring the title track, as well as an unreleased side-B: Ratking. The recordings have been made possible by the contribution of Oliver Hofer, as a co-writer of Ratking, and Nicole Pettigrew as a sound engineer and co-producer at Plush Studios NYC.
You can stream it and purchase it online here:

Directed by Nicola Raggi and The End Men
Director of Photography: Nicola Raggi
Camera Operators: Nate McGarrahan And Andrew Cohen
Locations: Nancy Serna Guerrero and Manhattan Place Entertainment
Make-up: Viola Antonini
Jim Menard
Jon Lane
Livia Ranalli
Marisa Lope
Matthew Hendershot

European Tour 2013:
9/20/13 - LoFi (Milan, Italy)
9/21/13 - Il Circolino (Brescia, Italy)
9/27/13 - Shuffle Club (Livorno, Italy)
9/28/13 - Bebop (Florence, Italy)
10/1/13 - Radio Benelux – Durango Sessions (Paal, Belgium)
10/5/13 - Winston Kingdom (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
10/11/13 - Tiefgrund (Berlin, Germany)
10/12/13 - Stoned (Liepzig, Germany)
10/18/13 - Nidaba’s Theatre (Milan, Italy)
10/19/13 - Sin City (Verona, Italy)
More dates may be announced within the next few days.

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