Saturday, September 28, 2013

Boys School - A Friend Of Mine

Boys School keep Old School Rock & Roll fresh and vibrant, the follow-up to 2012’s excellent self-titled LP, their recently released EP ‘A Friend Of Mine’ an accelerated gallop with Brett's unique vocals channeling some of the great styles of R&R as they riff, shred and bang out tunes both familiar sounding yet aggressively original.
"Musicality is being in the moment, playing the song to the means and capabilities of the group, and taking it to new places every time. And that's all that matters, that there's risk and intention behind it, energy. Nobody's gonna miss a thing if you're playing hard. And I mean "hard" not like loud and heavy, but intensely focused and giving everything that you've got." - Brett Farkas 
Boys School have comprehensive influences, with particular nods to early Elvis Costello, the Everly Brothers, Replacements, the Clash, and Harry Nilsson.
Recorded entirely in the Detroit native Brett Farkas (AKA Cookieman) home in Los Angeles with producer, Ben Tolliday, and longtime collaborating LA musicians, drummer, Mark Barry (Lord Huron), keyboardists, Joey Dosik, Justin Avery and Joel Newman, and baritone saxophonist, Paulie Cerra.

Track List:
1. Rollin' Along (and That's Fine)
2. Novi Nights (skit)
3. Waiting On The Day
4. Can't Come Back
5. A Friend Of Mine

Released September 17 2013
Brett Farkas: Vocals and Guitars
Mark Barry: Drums
Cookieman: Bass
Joey Dosik (tracks 1 and 5): Roland Juno Synth and Casio SK-1 Synth
Joel Newman (track 3): Fender Rhodes
Paulie Cerra (track 3): Baritone Sax
Justin Avery (track 5): Wurlitzer

Released 05 June 2012

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