Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stoll Vaughan’s new song “Badlands”

Stoll Vaughan is a Kentucky born singer/songwriter and nationally touring artist. He is also the co-founder of Cut Recordings; a Los Angeles based Artist Development Company. While his songs seem biographical as true troubadours’ are capable of doing they tap into our own experiences.  
A prolific blogger Stoll often shares his thoughts that enter into his songwriting.

Everyday we fight the thoughts that we have inherited about ourselves and the world we live in. It is hard to step back and ask, “What do I believe?” It comes back to moments, when time is not an enemy. In these moments I find that limitations are part of our human condition and the things that make us perfect. Then I can love the song I am playing, the things I have made and the path I am walking. In this love I can express something honest and believe in what I am doing.

My quest is to stay in these moments. To create in these moments and allow the imperfections to portray the honesty of these moments. Recorded music is something that can be a painstaking and a clinical pursuit for perfection. It can consume you and spark thoughts of control that ruin the essence of songs and character. When I look back on my first few records, “Hold On Thru Sleep and Dreams” and “Love Like a Mule” I always have to thank Mike Wanchic and the fact that we didn’t have enough time to over think the process. For years I used to hate these records for their imperfections, whether it be words I would of change or songs I wish I didn’t write. But the further I got into recording my own stuff the more I found that those records represented the songs I had written and the moment in time that we were together. - Stoll Vaughan

In keeping with this Philosophy of staying in the moment, Stoll’s upcoming release will be “Living Record, Vol. 002 – Live from CUT Recordings.” Check out the new song Badlands below...

2010's release Weatherman available on iTunes

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