Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beyond, Beyond is Beyond JAMSCRIPTION!

Groovy fellow psychedelic lovers, what you didn’t subscribe to Beyond, Beyond is Beyond’s amazing 1st year Jamscription 2013? Should I tell you what you missed? Nah, that would be torturous but have a look see here

Well this year you better become a member of this true record club and get every BBiB Records release on vinyl or CD delivered to your door…plus special bonus booty! Just $85 for all vinyl releases and $75 for all of our releases on CD!

Here’s the deal. There will be AT LEAST 6 new vinyl/CD releases in 2014 and, knowing what we know about them so far, you’re gonna want these beauties brought straight to your doorstep.
Here is what you can count on for a mere $85:
- AT LEAST 6 BBiB Records brand-new vinyl/CD releases (with no shipping fees!) 
- First dibs on special limited-edition/colored vinyl 
- At least 3 bonus items (could include exclusive downloads, bonus tracks/demos, vinyl tote bags, t-shirts, cassettes, posters, stickers, jars of organic applesauce, etc.) 
- Our undying gratitude and respect for your musical taste 
- The joy and convenience of having the best music on the planet (and beyond) delivered to your doorstep! AND...if you subscribe before January 1st, 2014, you will get The Entrance Band's "Face The Sun" album even though it's a Nov 2013 release! AND TO BOOT...if you're already a 2013 Jamscriber and you subscribe for a 2014 Jamscription before January 1st, 2014, you will get a free Entrance Band t-shirt, exclusive to BBiB!

Did I say I wasn't going to tell you what you missed? I lied! Check out 2013's first release from Prince Rupert's Drops!

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