Sunday, September 15, 2013

He's your Captain, Long Live @CaptainsDead

Like the mighty pioneers of the past Greg of the blog CaptainsDead has blazed a trail for music bloggers to follow. A go to blog for great music is at risk of demise. You can help. If you follow the blog you know why this is important, if you don’t, what the hell have you been reading?

Hello! My name is Greg, I live in Baton Rouge, LA, but originally from Chicago. You may know me, or maybe not, from my website that goes by the url of, or maybe you just know me from twitter under that @captainsdead handle, or maybe you may not know me at all. I have been running singlehandedly for almost 8 years. There have been a few contributors here and there, but none last more than a month or so. So, really it’s just been me. 
In November 2005, I was sitting at my kitchen table in Georgia - I moved there in 2003. The wife and I just had a boy - we named him Mac, a few months prior and was no longer seeing shows, and my music purchasing budget was seriously dwindling because of the wee lad. Anyway, I started captainsdead out of boredom and a need to connect with music and other music lovers/junkies like myself. 
Things went swimmingly for many years, the site grew, i made a little advertising money - just enough to cover costs, mind you, but everything was cool. A few times over the years, I asked for help. Unfortunately, more and more music blogs/sites came on the scene, and the money dwindled, but of course the costs of running the site grew. This is not a sad tale, mind you, in fact the whole experience has been pretty glorious. 
Well, a couple of years ago, I fell on a bit of hard times, and sold the site. Sounded like a great idea at the time, and really the guys that bought it are friends. So, I am not going to complain. Well, as it turns out, they want out of the music blog biz, but I still want in. Of course, this doesn’t come without a price. This is where you can maybe help out. I want to buy it back, cause it is my baby, my creation, my etc, etc... This may fail miserably, but I at least want to give it a go. If it doesn’t pan out, well that’s probably it for me and captainsdead. If that happens, it happens, I have had a good run and no regrets. 
gregor aka captainsdead

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