Monday, September 2, 2013

Taylor Faith - Debut EP Country Summer

Taylor Faith - Vocals 
Andy Zinsmeister - Guitar 
Austin Moorhead - Guitar/ Backup Vocals 
Marcel Hamel - Bass 
Jeff Roberts - Drums 
Justin Rothberg - Mandolin

When Taylor Faith’s press release showed up in my inbox with ‘Country/Pop Singer/Songwriter’ I was admittedly hesitant, not being much of a fan of the current popish direction Country music has been heading, but frequent readers also know I have a weak spot for female musicians and included in the press release was ‘edgy’, another weak spot so I gave the EP some listens.

On the first single and title track ‘Country Summer’ Taylor’s beautiful vocals are more on the edgy side than pop side and that edginess carries throughout the album and I’m quite glad I didn’t judge this book by its cover since it is a quite enjoyable debut.
Taylor: “‘Country Summer’ Austin wrote this summer anthem that talks about the easy times of summers out in the country before the stresses of adulthood were so considerable. There’s nothing like taking a dip in a lake on a warm night with your friends, under the stars. There are days when you want nothing more than to go back to that time.”
The song ‘Trophy Wife’ is one of those good “woman who isn’t going to take any crap” songs and downright rocks with Taylor’s growlin’  boisterous sultry attitude and ripping guitar licks.

Taylor: “I wrote ‘Trophy Wife’ right after a trip I took back to Nashville last fall. I was taking in the sassy, southern, energy of some of my girlfriends down there.  I had also been listening to a lot of Miranda Lambert and I wanted to write a powerful, She-Woman song that would make girls want to stomp around in their cowboy boots.”
Also included is an entrancing ballad ‘I Think About You’ that wraps you in its arms and soothes the soul.
Taylor: ‘I Think About You’ is a testament to how having a long history and a deep love for someone isn’t always enough. You try everything you can to make it work but you just can’t.”
‘Real Men’ and ‘Charade’ are both upbeat, the former with infectious guitar riffs, and catchy rhythms the latter with a tasty touch of mandolin and delightful harmonies.

After some time spent in Nashville she relocated to New York City and formed her own band, Taylor has assembled a top notch band with some of the finest musicians New York has to offer Twangy guitars, punchy drums and a hint of mandolin.

Taylor Faith’s debut CD 'Country Summer' was released on August 28th. Available on CDBaby

Track List: 
1. Real Men
2. Country Summer
3. Would've Been Me
4. Trophy Wife
5. Charade
6. I Think About You
7. Ho Hey (Bonus Track)

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