Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Three Days Dark Debut Self-Titled Album

Three Days Dark is the solo project from ex-Deep Sea Green songwriter and frontman Trent Halliday. Deep Sea Green is/was one of my favorite UK garage rock bands, and while I'm saddened they are no more, Trent's new project will fill the void, drawing influences from 60's/70's garage, blues, and psyche, Three Days Dark adds some kaleidoscopic takes on electronica noise on some songs and robust bluesy feel on others all tied together with great rock guitar riffs and Trent’s laid back spectral vocals. The groovy continues on.

1. Hey!
2. One Stitch at a Time
3. The Breaks
4. It's Easy to Say
5. Sunblushed
6. Supersun Exploder
7. Juno Sleeps
8. Come Back Blue Sky
9. Clean Away
10. The Waves Awake

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