Monday, November 25, 2013

Scowlin Owl - Debut EP These Strange Companions

Scowlin Owl is Nina Lovelace (vocals, rhythm guitar, flute), Yvonne Bordon (vocals, electric guitar), Karina Zakri (vocals, bass), and Sally Gainsbury (violin, vocals). Nina started up the band 2011 with the mission to form a female-led dramatic musical collective based on harmony vocals and folk-style storytelling. Nina first hooked up with Yvonne who, armed with her instrumental genius, immediately shared the vision. Soon after Scowlin Owl found their high harmony vocalist Karina Zakri and finally Nina’s friend Sally Gainsbury decided to throw in her fiddlin’ lot with the band. Since then ‘The Owl’ have been gigging on the London folk and alt-country scene and just released their debut EP, ‘These Strange Companions’
With wonderful harmonies and unique storytelling combined with British and American folk influences they soar in an effortless somewhat minimalist sound that is both haunting and uplifting.

1. Message From The Psalms
2. These Strange Companions
3. Grey
4. Poker Alice
5. Mifune
6. Sugawara And The Sunflower

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