Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Release - Kurt von Stetten - Broken, but not undone

Kurt von Stetten began experimenting with music and recordings in Boston during the summer of 1996. During this time, he began to experience terrible bouts of "self proclaimed"  bromhidrosis (look it up), forcing him to record alone in his bedroom. For a period of 10 years, von Stetten holed up in his bedroom studio and learned how to play guitar and drums by recording himself over and over again.
'Broken, but not undone' is the 8th release from DIY practitioner Kurt von Stetten. Harnessing his love of early 90s indie rock (think Pavement, Sebadoh and early Modest Mouse) interweaved with his own insecurities, fears and passions.
The sounds, textures, and nuances on Broken, But Not Undone are 100% von Stetten. While he's always done his own instrumentation, von Stetten had the last three records professionally mixed and mastered. On Broken, there's nowhere to hide, and the results may not be technically flawless, but it's the way von Stetten wants you to hear it.
"I really tried to just play with sound on a lot of these songs," recalls von Stetten. "I know that I mix incorrectly and that I do not know what I am doing sonically but this is the way I hear them."
The result is a gloriously chaotic, beautiful trip into the psyche of one of today's great unsung artists.
Free download 'Those That Know' via Largehearted Boy

1. Those That Know.mp3
2. Tooahyaysay
3. Cashier Girls
4. Bucky Fuller
5. Slime
6. Age of No
7. Nature Is a Ride or Die Bitch
8. Competition (Fuck Bob Pollard)
9. Song for a Phobic, Pt. 3
10. Sally Dear
11. Nickname: Cowboy Shit
12. Her First Crew

Released November 19, 2013 Limited copies also available on Pink Vinyl

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