Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kayleigh Leith - This Woman

Following the successful response to Kayleigh Leith’s debut album Miles Away, Kayleigh spent the last 2 years touring, writing and preparing for the anticipated follow up album which is called ‘This Woman’.
Kayleigh Leith was reared in Pittsburgh but now lives in Holland during a tour stop in Nashville in 2012, Kayleigh took some time to write with some of Nashville’s top songwriters. One of those writers was Rob Crosby. Rob penned tracks for people like Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride and many others. Rob took Kayleigh under his wing and the two set off on creating Kayleigh’s second album. Kayleigh really wanted that Nashville New Country sound, so she returned to Music City later that year to start recording her second album called ‘This Woman’ with Rob Crosby as acting producer. It also features some of Nashville’s top talent such as current country superstars Eric Paslay and Rose Falcon.

Ok I was hesitant about this, as the genre is listed as ‘New Country Pop’ of which I’m not a fan but if others follow Kayleigh’s lead perhaps there is hope. Yowza! This Woman's got it, her powerful vocals and range with an abundance of slide guitar and excellent accompaniment from the musicians she’s surrounded herself with have me listening to this album regularly.

Available on CDBaby and Amazon

2. Feelin' Bout You  
3. Feels Like Letting Go  
4. I Go There 
5. This Woman  
6. My Heart Goes Back  
7. Too Much of a Good Thing  
8. Be Here All Night  
9. Acre of Diamonds  
10. Bet You!  

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