Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#FREEBEE Alert! 1st single from Swaying Wires Upcoming 'Some Blue Sky' album

The idea of Swaying Wires was born in a tiny dorm room back in 2008.  After a couple of years it could no longer fit inside those four walls. What started as a one woman-project of Tina Kärkinen, developed into a full-grown band in 2010 with members Sami Lehtonen, Nicklas Hägen and Jussi Virkkumaa. In the summer of 2011 the band recorded a clutch of demo songs and began working on their first album the following year. Swaying Wires hails from the south-west city of Turku, Finland.

The combination of Tina's delicate but powerful vocals and the robust instrumentation from the band are hauntingly beautiful.
Download the 1st single 'Blinding Nights' from Swaying Wires Some Blue Sky album [out March 17th 2014] for free!

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