Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heidi Feek - The Only

Heidi Feek isn’t the only hip, twenty-something daughter of a country music hitmaker to burst onto the Nashville scene, but one listen to the seductive mezzo vocals and reverb-drenched musicality on her debut full-length album, The Only, and it’s easy to see how she sets herself apart.

"Feek’s music, self-described as “the swoon of Patsy Cline, the vibe of Chris Isaak, and the balls of Neko Case,” isn’t necessarily what you would expect from the daughter of country music visioneers Joey+Rory, but then again, it is. Staying true to her roots, the melodies of 'The Only' are anchored in a timeless songwriting style evocative of the days when Roy Orbison ruled the Nashville sound, yet Feek’s raw and unbridled soul-searing noirish vocal stylings coupled with the edgy, youthful execution of the album’s instrumentation, effortlessly bring this record to the forefront of contemporary nostalgia artistry."
Available on iTunes
1.) I Like The Way
2.) Somebody Someday
3.) 57 Bel Air
4.) The Only
5.) Berlin
6.) One Night With You
7.) Pretty Boy
8.) Take It Slow
9.) There Lives A Fool
10.) I Didn't Know About You
11.) Heartbreak Hotel

NoiseTrade 'The Only' Sampler

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