Monday, November 4, 2013

Apes & Horses - Bleu Nuit

Pablo Altar, Aurélien Hamm, Yaco Mouchard, Antoine Cadot, Olivier Bemer

Lush, stylized, romantic and atmospheric Apes & Horses’ a quartet from Paris, new EP Bleu Nuit (Blue Night) features 4 tracks of gorgeous dream pop  “Minuit”, “The Fields” “Seas” and “Blue”
Hat tip to the blog I am not a musician for this find, who are "predicting 2014 will be a massive year for Apes & Horses"

Purchase: BLEU NUIT (EP)

The video depicts scenes of a road trip that ends with an image of the lights dimming at the band’s hometown landmark, the Eiffel Tower. These  visuals aren’t surprising given that the song is a perfect accompaniment to any journey’s playlist.

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