Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jay Woodward - Letters We Told

Recorded in his home studio, Sierra Nevada Records, Jay Woodward approached the making of this concept album as an art project, and a letter, having a written correspondence like flow to it.
“The title, ‘Letters We Told,’ Jay says, came about as a throwback to the original and most elegant form of correspondence. During the time of writing this album, I began writing letters to friends and family that lived across America and the world. The goal was to keep in touch, but in a way that avoided the brash, shallow form technology encourages. What I found is better described with an analogy: Writing a letter is like wearing a suit or elegant dress, your appearance transforms your mindset. I enjoy that mindset which is what I tried to capture on this album. Hopefully others will absorb this feeling too.”

1. Mandolina
2. Garden in the Sun
3. Howl
4. The Truth
5. Believe the Honest in Your Veins
6. I Will Be Glad
7. Little Bird
8. Don't Fall Asleep
9. Letters We Told

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