Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sam Moss - No Kingdom

Sam Moss is a Brattleboro, Vermont based singer/songwriter and stringisseur, soothing heartfelt vocals and vibrant fingerpicking, joined by Michael Roberts on bass, his eighth solo album ‘No Kingdom’ shows a young Americana troubadour at the top of his game with a successful road ahead of him.

Moss’ playing is heavily informed by pre-war American country, blues, and folk (Blind Willie Johnson, Jimmie Rodgers), post-1950 pioneers of outer sound (Morton Feldman, Sonny Sharrock), and contemporary solo guitarists (Jack Rose, Glenn Jones).
"I started playing guitar when I was twelve, mostly because I wanted to play rock and electric blues. The violin didn't seem particularly cool to me in middle school, but I kept at it, though it took discovering other playing styles (old-time, jazz) to fall back in love with the instrument."
‘No Kingdom’ was recorded during a residency at The MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire in the same studio where Aaron Copland worked on Billy the Kid. Moss has also released two albums with the old-time duo, The Howling Kettles, which I highly suggest you check out.

1. Ocean
2. Hammer
3. Television
4. Fog
5. Son
6. Clearing
7. Neighbors
8. Kingdom

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