Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sneak Peek> Has A Shadow - NEW Album Sky is Hell Black

Has a Shadow, psych duo from Guadalajara and now established in Mexico City release their new album Sky is Hell Black on November 12th on Captcha Records. Sky is Hell Black will be available on limited edition LP and digital download. It was recorded through the winter of 2012 in Mexico City, in a house where Remi used to live as a child. Alberto Gonzalez (Beto or “The Obsolete” from Mexican psych duo Lorelle Meets the Obsolete) was responsible for recording and mixing. The band just completed their first tour of the west coast of the USA. Expect to see Has A Shadow hitting US soil again in early 2014.
Victor “Remi” Garay plays the bass, Rodolfo Samperio plays guitar, and Daniel Garciano plays guitar and electric organ in addition to providing the vocals. The Obsolete plays drums for the album and contributed guitar tracks to some of the songs.

1. John Lennon
2. Sky Is Hell Black
3. Don’t
4. Can’t Stop The Fall
5. May Never
6. Drive
7. Poison In Me
8. The Way
9. Untitled

Listen to three new songs Sky Is Hell Black / Can't Stop The Fall / The Way

Exploring Spastic Inevitable has a wonderfuly trippy review of the album well worth a read
"From the first seconds of the record we are transported to Teotihuacan, a night of lunar eclipse. In the backstages of this surreal scene, at the top of the pyramid of the Sun, a mystical ceremony takes place, a ritual sacrifice in the red light of the terrestrial satellite. Absorbed into the dizziness of a fuzz organ, we painfully climbed the 245 steps of the edifice. Suddenly a pyre ignites to the deafening sound of guitars and drums. To invoke the spirits of the ancient, to wash the man of his tyrannical chimeras and harvest the ripe fruit of his radiant soul, we sacrifice the incarnation of human paradox, we burn"

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