Monday, January 20, 2014

Stream: Wax Fang space rock opera 'The Astronaut'

Wax Fang is an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky that combines elements of classic, psychedelic, progressive, and experimental rock music, as well as electronic and folk. The band led by singer and guitarist Scott Carney and Jacob Heustis.
Their latest, 'The Astronaut' is a 40-minute three-part space rock opera, epic experimental-psych rock journey. Our hero in the tale is an astronaut who as a lone space traveler, gets separated from his vessel, swallowed by a black hole and transformed into a celestial super being. 
Creating a sonic odyssey most would rely on electronica but Wax Fang accomplish their galactic soundscape mostly with  heavy psych-pop guitar riffs, swirling synthesizers, acid jazz saxophones, bass and drums, no easy feat but they gloriously pull it off. 

Track List: 
The Astronaut Part 1 
The Event Horizon 
The Astronaut Part 2 
The Singularity 
The Astronaut Part 3 

Pre-order THE ASTRONAUT on CD, Vinyl, & iTunes
The release date is January 28th through Wax Fang’s own Don’t Panic Records. It will be available at all digital outlets, with vinyl LP and CD available exclusively through  Be sure to check out the band’s 2013 singles and more on YouTube. And be their friend on Facebook.

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