Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sun Looks Down - Sungaze - EP coming Jan 28th

Sun Looks Down the jazz-inflected experimental pop group will release their new Sungaze EP January 28th on Flat Box Recordings. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen  Download the new single 'Moonshine' and listen to two new live songs from the EP

"This 4-piece band hailing from Columbia University has an uncanny ability to manipulate the depth and intensity of the sound field they are creating. Keyboardist Spencer Horstman bores holes into his keyboard like Ray Manzarek, if Ray Manzarek had been a speed freak. Drummer David Su controls tempo like there are brake pads in his joints while Jacob Sunshine creates an overwhelming wall of guitar textures that is frankly terrifying. All this while classically trained singer Diana Flanagan's voice draws you in with a mystique that evokes nothing so much as a young Beth Gibbons."

  “Moonshine,” their debut single, finds the band on a relatively subdued note, letting loose a more atmospheric post-jazz rock that's helped me get through some long subway rides home. Diana turns on a bone-chilling tremor as Sunshine’s off-kilter riff brands your mind, all the while Spencer's lines weaving around it, matching the guitar in force as the song swells. David transitions from a subdued yet fat, leaning beat to a splashy chorus, then back again with airtight precision. The communication between these kids is remarkable, and you can hear them feeding off of each other as the first chorus swells to a boiling point. The keyboard gains in distortion, drums switch from open hat to cymbals, Diana’s voice slowly climbs up the register, and Sunshine cracks the tension with a strike at his guitar that threatens to tear the whole fabric of the song apart."
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