Sunday, January 5, 2014

Other Lovers - Born To Party / Born To Be Old

Megan Fowler-Vocals/Percussion
Brandon Boyd-Vocals/Guitars
Chase Dungan-Vocals/Guitars
Travis Glass-Bass
Sean Ragsdale-Drums

Well now here’s something that pushes all my buttons, based out of Austin Texas, Other Lovers twist a little folk and resonator country twang into rip roaring rock, with a fabulous female vocalist with punkitude, their second release Born To Party / Born To Be Old is six great rowdy sing along tunes.

Formed in 2010 by singer Megan Fowler and singer/guitarist Brandon Boyd, Other Lovers immediately Stood out in Austin as a duo completely unhinged and uninhibited. The duo comes off as a punk rock June Carter and Johnny Cash, deeply committed to both the honesty and intensity of their music and the endless party that surrounds them. With straightforward orchestrations of songs about love, partying and heartache. Other Lovers released Born To Party / Born To Be Old on their Oscillations Records label.

1. Satisfied
2. 22
3. Can't Party Here
4. Bulleit
5. All Of My Nothing
6. New

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