Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Odetta Hartman NEW EP 'Bark'

Photograph by Anna Bonnet

Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen is on a roll, if you caught Odetta Hartman's single 'End of the World' released back in August you've probably been waiting for this EP as much as I. With her stupendous vocals and classically trained violin Odetta lays down a sultry mix of jazz, soul and vaudeville that enchants.

Odetta Hartman writes songs of greek myths and traveling; of pride, Pynchon, and fairy tales; of animals and body parts and made-up words. Classically trained on the violin for 18 years at Third Street Music School, her musical education was further supplemented with courses at Bard College in jazz voice and improvisation, composition, electronic music, and traditional folk songs. Currently back at home in New York City, her time is devoted to studio work, performance art, curating events, cultivating the Dalton School’s rooftop garden
1. Daphne & Apollo
2. Negotiations
3. Oh Misery
4. End of the World

Released 14 January 2014
All songs written and copywritten by Odetta Bess Hartman 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Oliver Ignatius
at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen
Brooklyn, NYC

Odetta Hartman: mandolin / banjo / guitar / violin / vocals
Billy Aukstik: trumpet / flugelhorn
Doug Berns: bass
Freddy DeBoe: baritone / tenor saxophone / flute
Leon Hartman: fiddle / electric violin
Javier Ramos: cajon / percussion
Zachary Seman: accordion / piano / organ

Oliver Ignatius: electric guitar (2)
Nick Kinsey: snare / marching drum (4)

Male Chorus of the Apocalypse:
Billy / Freddy / Leon / Javier / Zach / Gabe Wax / Roger Kleinman

Art by Paul Glover & Emily McMaster

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