Friday, January 17, 2014

Mode Moderne - Occult Delight

Vancouver based Mode Moderne ride the line of new wave, post-punk, and dream pop that indulge the senses with groovy multitudinous soundsOccult Delight will be released by Light Organ Records on January 21, 2014 Listen to three songs from the upcoming release.
1. Strangle The Shadows
2. Grudges Crossed
3. Thieving Baby's Breath
4. Severed Heads
5. She, Untamed
6. Occult Delight
7. Time's Up
8. Unburden Yourself
9. Dirty Dream #3
10. Baby Bunny
11. Come Sunrise
12. Running Scared

Mode Moderne has been inspiring such acts of devotion since it put out its debut LP, ‘Ghosts Emerging’, in 2009. That was followed by the group’s first release for Light Organ Records, the ‘Real Goths / Undiscovered Country’ single, in 2011, and the seven song mini-album ‘Strange Bruises’ last year, earning praise from the likes of Pitchfork and NME.

Since then the band consisting of Phillip Intilé, Clint Lofkrantz, Sean Gilhooly, and Rebecca Gray have worked hard building their following with tours in the eastern US, UK & Europe.

Mode Moderne recorded its new album, ‘Occult Delight’ with producer Joshua Stevenson (ex Jackie O Motherfucker, Pink Mountain Tops), at Otic Sound in their hometown, Vancouver. The departure of Felix Fung, band member / producer for previous albums, hasn’t radically altered the essence of the group, which has always struck a balance between black-nail-polish gloom and indie-pop accessibility

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