Friday, January 17, 2014

Fire Mountain NEW Album Pledge Campaign

Couch By Couchwest alumni Fire Mountain have impressed with their submissions over the last two years, they have  just recorded their debut album, All Dies Down, and they need your help to finish production and printing and have a launched a pledge music campaign with goodies for your pledge.
Calling upon their Troy, Alabama roots, Fire Mountain combines folk and Southern rock to create something rich and complex while still maintaining a simplicity that is familiar to everyone. As competent wordsmiths, Fire Mountain lyrically translates the human experience with its struggles and triumphs as well as its love and loss into songs people can relate to. As Americaning Review so aptly wrote, “In a country full of distractions, this band has quietly built a repertoire of songs that people from all walks of life can enjoy simply because they live in a city full of no distractions.” City or town, small or large, rural or urban, it doesn’t matter, these are all common events shared by everyone and Fire Mountain skillfully captures these experiences because they too are everyman.

Fire Mountain - Doing Fine from Fire Mountain on Vimeo.

CXCW 2012 Fire Mountain – Be Your Eyes

CXCW 2012 Fire Mountain – Fade

CXCW 2013 Fire Mountain – Anchor Iron

2012- LIVE From The Magic City Free Download

2011 - Of The Dust

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