Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Old Death Whisper, The Traveler

Rico, Chuy, Kent, Wes, Drew & Cole

Old Death Whisper is a cocktail of dirty western roots music and country tinged parlor tunes.

ODW loves good old country and folk music of early America. Sea shanties, spaghetti westerns, railroad songs, road movies, pulp, noir, punk and rock and roll are among some of their influences. With 4 song writers in the band and each one taking their turn on the mic, the tunes have diversity and yet a common thread of the love for this kind of music. Whether it's plugged in or broken down and acoustic; the live shows are full of piss and vinegar. Keeping their sound grounded in the roots of western American music, Old Death Whisper lets their sound drift into widescreen sonic voyages, down dusty trails, dirty back roads and seedy dive bars.

Old Death Whisper’s first full length album The Traveler is a culmination of dirty western road stories, reflections of heartbreak, murder ballads and good old drinking songs. Inspired partly by two years of touring the states as well as Europe, The Traveler shows that Old Death Whisper is a no bullshit operation that bases their music on real experiences with real people in sometimes surreal situations. Founded in the roots of American music, but not limited to old west themes and cowboys, The Traveler is a modern commentary on the road, survival of the heartbroken and the western American lifestyle. Road life, divorce, dusty trails and smoky dive bars were the incubators of this album and have produced a genuine western gothic tale of The Traveler. The lyrics for the title track (written by unknown) were found in an old desk and put to music by the band which helped to form the roaming theme of this record. The Traveler was recorded at the Audio Lab in Boise, Idaho with Steve Fulton. The sound is energetic, gritty, dirty, spacious and sometimes gentle in its ferocity.

Old Death Whisper has been comfortable in their relative obscurity, and feels that The Traveler will show that the band has not grown complacent. Four singers and songwriters set Old Death Whisper apart from standard combos and allow the band to venture into different personalities and voices. Songs like Storm Rider and Idaho Gold pulse with a solid angry groove while Last Train and Always a Stranger find a more intimate tone.

The band has been feverishly playing their brand of wide screen dirty western roots music for over 3 years. Whether touring foreign countries, playing secluded dive bars around the rural west or hitting the festival scenes, Old Death Whisper is not your typical bar band. They like to play hard, cuss, drink, smoke, fight and love; but most of all they enjoy playing music. Made up of artisans, river guides, fishermen, fathers and fools; Old Death Whisper is a thick stew of experience and stories.
Genres: Americana - Alt Country, Rock and Roll, Roots

1. Storm Rider
2. Wasteland
3. Loaded
4. Always a Stranger
5. Stackin Bones
6. Idaho Gold
7. Last Train
8. Tren Fantasma
9. Pissed
10. South County Blues
11. Days Long Gone
12. Traveler

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