Friday, January 3, 2014

Bluegrass Band The Railsplitters Debut Album

Photo Credit: Mona Esposito

From their home in the Colorado Rockies, The Railsplitters have been scaling new heights with a refreshing and charming range of Bluegrass and beyond-Bluegrass tunes. For a debut album, The Railsplitters sound remarkably assured, playing with the kind of abandon that their live shows are known for. Bringing real depth, and formidable talent, this group draws influences from all the greats-- from Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs to modern groups like Uncle Earl and Crooked Still. The Railsplitters are nothing if not enthusiastically bluegrass and contagiously so, with rapid tempos, unusual instrumentals and goodtime-breakdowns! Using powerful female and male vocals, enchanting harmonies and masterful instrumentals, The Railsplitters have the kind of raw power that can raise mountains and maybe even a few eyebrows.

The Railsplitters debut album starts off with a nostalgic homage to lead singer Lauren Stovall’s hometown of Jackson, Mississippi,“The City With Soul”. As a singer, Lauren has certainly got soul, and plenty of it! And while Lauren is giving Alison Krauss a run for her money, her bandmates and fellow songwriters Peter Sharpe and Dusty Rider (yep, that’s his real name folks!) are masterfully pickin’ the mandolin and banjo (respectively). Peter and Dusty, along with innovative upright bassist Leslie Ziegler, all sing on the album and add to The Railsplitter’s impressive songwriting.
The quartet usually start by writing their songs individually and then come together to develop them as a group. This songwriting interplay adds a special addition to an already broad diversity of styles and genres on the album. From dance numbers like “Lonesome Feeling” to modulated instrumental numbers like “Longs Peak”, to sweet ballads like “Where you Are”- The Railsplitters have a song for every kind of mood.

The Railsplitters have a musical range that sets them apart from other up-and-coming Bluegrass bands. Calling on genre influnces from Roots/Americana, Country Twang, 50’s doo op, modern pop and of course, good ol’ fashion Rock n Roll, they’ve been wowing listeners at home in Colorado and beyond. Since their beginning in early 2011, The Railsplitters have won two major contests: 2012 Pickin' in the Pines in Flagstaff, Arizona and 2013 RockyGrass in Lyons, Colorado!

Available CDBaby 
1. Jackson Town
2. Boarding Pass (That's the Way It Is)
3. My World
4. Evil Apple
5. Lonesome Feeling
6. Where You Are
7. Room At the Top of the Stairs
8. Blue Moon
9. Longs Peak
10. No Stranger to the Blues
11. Spray
12. Family Waltz

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