Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5 Cent Coffee - The Lost Parade - Acts 1 & 2

Spitshine Delacroix, Doodles LaRue, Reverend McCubbin, Dr. Benjo

The Lost Parade is a collection of 27 original songs written and performed by the Bay Area's premier post modern jug band 5 Cent Coffee. A two disc concept album, two years in the making, The Lost Parade is a deeply personal work about the journey through life and death, love, loss, and redemption.

It is a multi-instrumental piece spanning genres from Arena Folk, to Swampy Blues, to Gin Soaked Jazz to Carnival Nightmare Waltzes. Featuring accordions, junk percussion, ukulele, guitar, stand-up bass and guest performances on horns, violin and vocals by some seminal Bay Area talent.

This album marks the 4th release by 5 Cent Coffee, a four piece post modern jug band full of grit and carnival hokum. For the past eight years they have specialized in performing original songs set in the dusty American tradition of travelling circuses and rail riders down on their luck. Their sound is big and brash, but soft and mournful, and always compelling.

Moody and candy-like, they write songs that cast you back into another time, inspired by sounds as diverse as the clang and thump of old jug and skiffle bands and early 20th c. American music to Kurt Weill and Lottie Lenya to Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and the Tigerlillies.
Genres: Americana - Arena Folk, Circus Waltz, Dirty Blues, Cabaret
1. One
2. Gold From Coal
3. On Our Way 2 - The Bridge
4. The Long Walk
5. Devil's Cornbread
6. Why We Gotta Talk About It?
7. Red Balloon
8. On the Regrettable Turning of Lost Boys into Men
9. On Our Way 1 - The Piano
10. In the End
11. Blackout
12. Ferryman
13. Swords on the Ground
14. Lament in F
15. Gesthemane
16. Closest Thing to Heaven
17. On Our Way 3 - The Photograph
18. Patina
19. Sloe Gin
20. From the Mountain
21. On Our Way 4 -Breathe
22. Slayers of the Moon
23. Bourbon & Avocados
24. Where You Sleeping?
25. In The Well
26. On Our Way 5 - The Walls
27. The House Trilogy

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