Monday, April 15, 2013

The New Highway Hymnal debut full-length 'Whispers'

Photo by Sam Stambaugh 
Hadden Stemp on vocals and guitar, Amelia Gormley on bass and vocals, Travis Hagan on drums.

Boston psych-punk luminaries The New Highway Hymnal debut full-length 'Whispers' is a steller album of garage rock mayhem and bust out experimental psych with enough fuzzy drenched feedback and loopy riffs to make this old hippie bask in the sonic glow of hot tubes and maxed transistors. Hadden and Amelia's guitars dance like stroboscopic lights in my cranium tickling my neurotransmitters. Travis drumming provides the pounding beat to keep the blood and oxygen flowing. Hadden's primal vocals are delightfully tempered by Amelia's intricately placed accompaniment.
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Track List:
1. Through Stained Glass
2. More
3. Factory Song
4. Breathe/Bleed/Dream
5. Beach Glass
6. Out With The Lights
7. Killing Town
8. Whispers
9. Hey Kid (Gotta Run)

Live on Pipeline Listen and download

All songs written and produced by the New Highway Hymnal Recorded at Project Sound, Haverhill, Massachusetts Engineered by Jason Duguay

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