Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Maya and the Ruins - Take This Song With You

Their name makes for a difficult internet search and I haven't found out anything about them, Maya & the Ruins album 'Take This Song With You' sounds like something from the middle of the last century, it is a collection of country, blues, old time, and original songs inspired by those traditions with yodeling and I love yodeling!

Featuring Maya Lerman (vocals, guitar), Eric Frey (bass, banjo, vocals), Daniel Coolik (mandolin, electric guitar), Chas Justus (electric guitar, vocals, ukelele), Glenn Fields (drums), Cary Fridley (vocals, bass), Kevin Wimmer (fiddle), David Egan (piano), Chris Stafford (electric guitar, keyboards), John Troutman (steel guitar), David Greely (fiddle), Stephanie Coleman (fiddle), Anna Roberts-Gevalt (banjo), Kristin Andreassen (vocals).

Maya & The Ruins - Take This Song With You.mp3

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