Monday, April 22, 2013

Keith Monacchio - "Tips, Drinks & Gas Money"

New Jersey's Keith Monacchio, is a poetic imagery invoking powerful storyteller in the finest of Jersey singer/songwriter traditions. Formally of the band's, The Commons & The Semibeings. His 2nd solo EP released spring of 2010 'Tips, Drinks and Gas Money' starts with the song 'Coffee House' an indie artist lament beautifully melodic, Keith sings in a travel weary voice every artists eventual realization that the love of what you’re doing is the main reason to push on.
I once wanted to be well known Big write up’s in Rolling Stone; My first band we had big dreams; But that dream is standing here; In a coffeehouse somewhere; All these places look the same;
As the lights go up on me; I say “thanks for listening to my stories” And for the tips, the drinks for free; Be sure, to take care of waitress Marie; I’ll be back here same time next week; There is no place I’d rather be
‘Bless This Home’ is an upbeat ode to the American dream and the responsibilities that come with it sung in a gruff Springteenish voice it would fit nicely in Springsteen’s catalog. 'I’ll Take Care of You' is a captivating love song that touches the heart and tear ducts, with excellent finger picking and fervent vocals.
'Now That It's Done' with its haunting clarinet and Keith's signature thought provocing imagery is my favorite song on the EP. With Mike White – Drums, Joe Harvard – Lap Steel, Adam Braun – Bass, Mike Noordzy – Clarinet, Sean Glonek – Guitar and Percussion, the songs are full of rich textures and instrumentation.
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Track List:

1. Coffee House
2. Bless This Home
3. I'll Take Care Of You
4. Now That It's Done (free)

 Couch By Couchwest 2013 submission Saber Tooth Tiger 

2010's "The Long Evening", his first solo record, got stellar reviews and was voted the # 12 best release of the decade in Gary Wien's book "Are You Listening" The Top 100 Albums of 2001 - 2010 from New Jersey Artists

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