Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sakee Sed - Hiking Clouds

Marco Ghezzi: voce / rhodes / chitarra
Gianluca Perucchini: batteria
Marco Carrara: tastiere / synth / cori
Jonathan Locatelli: basso
Guido Leidi: chitarra

On a recent excursion into the depths of the interwebs I came across a compilation on the Italian blog La Repubblica XL a couple of stand outs were Miss Chain & the  Broken Heels (blogged previously) and this band of awesome grooviness The Sakee Sed

Sakee Sed - Repetita Iuavant.mp3
Sakee Sed - Vermouth and Baby.mp3

After the critically acclaimed "On the basis of Roncola 2010" and "Bacchus EP 2011" the Sakee Sed release their second album "Walking clouds "released May 18, 2012 for Appropolipo Records. disc that still takes great reviews, some for best album of 2012, but with all shooting rock and psychedelic.

The Sakee Sed are Marco and Gianluca Ghezzi Perucchini. Their debut album On the basis Roncola , self-produced, was released in April 2010. 13 tracks, sometimes light and sometimes paranoid that tell of friendship, hatred, delusion and fantasy, and rebound from a rural dimension to a world soaked in LSD. The sound of the recordings makes it all the more original instruments old and worn color a piano saloon in Chicago and rhythmic blues and rock from the 60s and 70s prepare the carpet for a voice morning full of memories of the night. The group also had the pleasure of being open act for Zen Circus, Giorgio Canali , Bud Spencer Blues Explosion , Monotonix , and of course Verdena. At the end of January they released Bacchus EP , the second work of Sakee Sed, this strictly self-produced, popular with public and critics. The group is now on tour with Alfonso Surace of ilTorquemad a and Anna Carazzai of the LEL

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