Monday, April 29, 2013

Michael Rank And Stag - In The Weeds

The members of Stag are (left to right): Golub, Rank, Teer, Frantz, Iglehart, Smith, Huebner, Feather and Howie

On Michael Rank And The Stag latest album 'In The Weeds' there's an unmistakable touch of The Rolling Stones foray into country flavored rock on this album, but explored more fully. Featuring fiddle, mandolin, pedal steel, banjo and electric guitar and the incomparable accompaniment of Emily Frantz of Mandolin Orange on vocals with Rank, the push and pull between rock and country is heavily felt throughout.

With Nathan Golub: pedal steel, banjo, John Teer: fiddle, mandolin, Alex Iglehart: electric guitar, Marc E. Smith: electric, lap steel and acoustic guitar, Jesse Huebner and Billie Feather on bass, and John Howie Jr. on drums contributing throughout the album the depth and breadth of musical exploration lends every song a sense of discovery.

1. 'Round My Head
2. All The Rope
3. Confederates
4. Field Song
5. Topo
6. Rifle Days
7. This Town
8. The River Cross
9. Hunters
10. The Surrender

Michael Rank and Stag "The Surrender" (Official Music Video)
Michael Rank and Stag " 'Round My Head"

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