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Feel Bad For You April 2013

No theme. Any Song, Any Genre, Any Year. Pull up your favorite easy chair, imbibe your favorite intoxicant and listen to the music submissions by our favorite miscreants, ner do wells, vagabonds, bloggers, twitters and self-congratulatory muso’s curated by Scott at Boogie Studio 22. Click the big play button and listen, Download to take with you.
Thanks again to AnnieTUFF (@AnnieTUFF) for this month’s artwork. Visit Feel Bad For You to leave some witty comments, or insightful tidbits.

1. Title: A New Love (Can Be Found)
Artist: Daniel Romano
Album (year): Come Cry With Me (2013)
Submitted By: Bryan Childs (
Comments: I was, literally, turned onto this guy 30 minutes ago by John Moreland/Corey Call via this track and I’ve listened to it 4 times already. Hope it catches you in the same way.
[Editor’s note: Bryan wasted no time sending this in! And yes, I listened right away too!]
2. Title: Song For Zula
Artist: Phosphorescent
Album (year): Muchacho (2013)
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel
Comments: Phosphorescent’s Muchacho is our favourite album of the year so far and this may well be the best track on it.
3. Title: Up To Me
Artist: Cosmonaut On Vacation
Album: Let The Moment Land (2013)
Submitted by: Corey Flegel (This Is American Music)
Comments: We told folks that we’d be getting a little weird in early 2013. By weird I guess we mean outside of our Roots/Rock/Twang that I think people expect from us. Well, here’s Cosmonaut On Vacation. This is one of 4-5 “weird things” that we’ve put out so far this year. It’s coming out on TIAM 4/23. It’s some sort of quasi-Krautrock / BritPop from Alabama via Greg Slamen (Through The Sparks). We love it hard.
4. Title: Leave the City
Artist: Magnolia Electric Co.
Album (Year): Radio K (Minneapolis 8th Aug 09)
Submitted by: Simon
Comments: Sadly no longer with us – he leaves behind a truly wonderful musical legacy.
5. Title: Ashes to Athens (live)
Artist: Joe Bonamassa
Album (year): An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House (2013)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: A blues axe wanker at a céilidh? Sure, why not. Joe’s latest also exhibits some surprising Stephen Stills-like sensitivities at times, so at 36 may be beginning to realize his full potential. ‘Course there was last year’s train wreck studio album to keep his ‘chronic underachiever’ badge alive.
6. Title: Cloudy Morning Blues
Artist: Black Cold Bottles
Album (year): Neander (2012)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: Black Cold Bottles are a four piece band from São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil. This song exhibits that rare combination of passion and restraint. Where other bands would rapidly escalate from quiet intro to loudness, and then achieve afterburner volume, BCB takes another path; letting the song find its own dynamics and giving us a view into another world. It may not be the kind of world we want to see, but the invitation is certainly compelling. Hear more at
7. Title: New Lover
Artist: Josh Ritter
Album (year): The Beast In Its Tracks (2013)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: Haven’t picked up a lot of new releases this year, but Ritter’s is a mighty good one.
8. Title: Lost Highway
Artist: The Replacements
Album (year): Songs for Slim (2013)
Submitted By: @mikeorren
Comments: Always loved The Mats ragged covers best, and they reunite for the Hank Williams classic in fine style.
9. Title: It Hurts Too Much To Cry
Artist: Leroy Powell & The Messengers
Album (year): Life and Death (2013)
Submitted By: Trailer (
10. Title: It Must Have Been Love
Artist: Kathleen Edwards
Album (year): single (2013)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: Kathleen Edwards does a stunning cover of Roxette’s 1990 (US release date) hit song. It was recorded for the show, Private Practice, which I believe had its last episode in January, but Edwards released it as a solo track.
11. Title: War Again
Artist: Balkan Beat Box
Album (year): Blue Eyed Black Boy (2010):
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: Gotdang drums of war beating again
12. Title: Peter Piper
Artist: Run-DMC
Album (year): Raising Hell (1986)
Submitted By: Gorrck
Comments: Kicking an old school! (ow!) Not bad, meaning bad, but bad meaning GOOD! That is.
13. Title: Peace And Quiet
Artist: Waxahatchee
Album (Year): Cerulean Salt (2013)
Submitted By: erschen
Comments: Got a nice Liz Phair vibe to it.
14. Title: Free To Fly
Artist: Markus Rill
Album (year): My Rocket Ship (2013)
Submitted By: Mando Lines
Comments: Markus Rill is a German singer songwriter whose songs generally run gamut from folk to rock. This song, however, has more of an acoustic jam feel.
15. Title: Inside
Artist: Sand Rubies
Album: Cuacha (2001)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: Cuacha was first released in 1988 as the debut album by the band originally known as The Sidewinders. Their debut soon landed them a deal with Jay Faires’ label, Mammoth Records. This is where I first stumbled onto them. I quickly snapped up their 2 releases and still play them. And then they were gone. Why? Because a COVER BAND sued them over the use of their name. Sure nuff, the band re-branded as the Sand Rubies and trudged forward. After sitting dormant for over 10 years, Cuacha was re-released under the SR band name. Almost all of the band’s vocals were handled by David Slutes with Rich Hopkins on guitar. But a neat addition to Cuacha was drummer Andrea Curtis’ lead vocals on “Inside”.
16. Title: High on the Skyline
Artist: The New Mendicants
Album (year): Australia EP (2013)
Submitted By: Ryan
Comments: The New Mendicants are Joe Pernice and Norman Blake. This is the teaser before their debut album comes out (and when that will be is anybody’s guess). I think their voices sound super together, although it seems like Joe is doing most of the heavy lifting. Can’t wait for the full album – need some new Joe Pernice ASAP!
17. Title: Hoover Farm Exorcism
Artist: Imperial Rooster
Album (year): The Savior EP / Cluckaphony (2013)
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: I wanted to pick a new song from this years CXCW…and that became harder than I thought. So many great bands submitted videos of songs that were amazing and wonderful and really stuck with me. But when it came down to it how can you resist this song?
P.S They’re offering it to download for the low low price of pay whatever you want…but if you download it for free at least tell other people about them.
18. Title: Lean on Me
Artist: Telekinesis
Album (year): Dormarion
Submitted By: scratchedsoul
Comments: Telekinesis on record is the one man show Michael Benjamin Lerner and he has produced some of the most memorable pop music of the past few years. He just put out his third record this past Tuesday. It was recorded in Austin with Jim Eno from Spoon. Live, he has a rotating cast of guitarists and bassists, but it’s always him on drums and vocals. Definitely check them out if they’re in a town near you.
19. Title: Asa
Artist: Denison Witmer
Album (year): Denison Witmer (2013)
Submitted By: Slowcoustic
Comments: This song is originally by Bry Webb and from his 2011 album Provider (written for/about Webb’s son Asa). Witmer provides a tribute to the beauty of the original and better than most covers if I have had to say. Looking forward to the new album from Witmer if this is any indication.
20. Title: Help Is On The Way
Artist: Gerald Collier
Album (year): Help Is On The Way – Digital Single (2013)
Submitted By: BoogieStudio22
Comments: It was kind of a long week and I was struggling to make a decision on what I was going to submit, until I got home Friday. In my inbox was one of my weekly newsletters. In it was the announcement that one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Gerald Collier, had a new album out. Wait? What? How’d I miss that?!?! A quick trip down the internets highway indicated new songs on Bandcamp and a new album coming in May. I listened to said new songs and immediately bought the digital single. It’s been 6 or 7 years since his last album and I’m thrilled to hear this new music.
You can listen to and purchase (name your price) his 3-song digital single (one of the songs is a hidden cover tune) at bandcamp:
NOTE: I’ve just gotta share that Gerald sent me a personal thank you note for being the first purchaser of his digital single!

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