Thursday, April 25, 2013

Popa Podcasts! - Twangled Up In Booze

Note: Dang found 10 minutes of noise in this fixed, if you downloaded earlier you may want to do it again

Ok cowpokes and cowpokettes, this week we piss on that so called country crap you hear on the radio these days. Twang ain't something in a pretty boys jeans.
Click the play button to listen or right mouse click here and save as to put it in your saddlebag for later.

Artist Song
Jason & The Scorchers Twang Town Blues
Woody Pines Who Told Ya ?
Patty Loveless You're Through Fooling Me
Secret Country Too Drunk
The Barstool Romeos Cheap Bourbon Whiskey
*Morning River Band Hangover Blues
Whitey Morgan And The 78's I Ain't Drunk
Owen Mays and the 80 Proof Boys 80 Proof Nights
The Takers Curse Of A Drunk
Honky Tonk Hustlas Down and Out
Sara Petite Standing on the Corner
Bob Wayne Road Bound
Hollis Brown Ride On The Train
Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band  West Wind
James McMurtry Storekeeper
The Boomswagglers Trailer Park Special
**The Bailey Hounds Hell Ain't Forever
Turnpike Troubadors 7 and 7
Reid Wilson and his So-Called Friends Girls With Tattoos
Duane Jarvis A Girl That's Hip
***Uncle Leon and the Alibis Beer Train - LIVE 
William Elliott Whitmore Let’s Call It A Night

*New song from The Morning River Band upcoming May 21st release To Suzie
** New song from The Bailey Hounds upcoming May 28th release All the Blood in the World
*** Join Uncle Leon Tuesday April 30th at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn for a video shoot


  1. Man oh man do I love JATS and Twang Town Blues. I submitted it way back in Jan 2011 for the Feel Bad For You comp.

    1. it's a killer song seems to end up in just about every plalist I have on my ipod!


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