Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wolf & Cub - Shut Me Out/Got Nothing Coming

Joel Byrne - vocals, electric guitar, percussion
Joel Carey - drums/percussion
Wade Keighran - bass guitar
Marvin Hammond - drums/percussion, saxophone

If you are unfamiliar with Wolf & Cub now’s your chance to rectify that. Wolf & Cub are a band from Adelaide, Australia. Three of the original members hail from Port Augusta, South Australia. Their music is predominantly psychedelic with elements of Rock.

The band formed in 2002. Joel Byrne, Adam Edwards and Thomas Mayhew moved to Adelaide after finishing high school. Adam and Tom met Joel Byrne through his younger brother Luke who said his older brother just sat in his room all day playing guitar. Joel Byrne and Joel Carey met at university. Later when Joel Byrne brought Joel Carey to a jam the foursome decided to form a band.
In May 2007, the band announced on their MySpace page that drummer Adam Edwards had left and that they were looking for a new drummer: On 8 July the band announced that they had found a new drummer, Marvin Hammond, from Adelaide band Artax Mission.

The Adelaide group, who launched themselves onto the Australian music scene back in 2004 with their self-titled EP, which featured Thousand Cuts, a track that went on to get remix treatment by Paul Epworth in what is one of the producer's defining moments. But the last we've heard from them is via their second album Science And Sorcery in 2009.
Says, Joel Byrne "I'll be the first to admit that we aren't the most prolific band going around. I mean, we're looking at 9 or so years together with only two albums and a couple of eps to show for it. What can I say? Making albums is tough. This year though, it seems like we're getting our shit together."

In February of this year they released - Double A Side Single “See The Light // All Through The Night”

In May of this year they released - Double A Side Single "Shut Me Out // Got Nothing Coming" as a FREE Download

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