Friday, June 1, 2012

Make Your Stand With Cupla to End Bullying

Our friends Cupla from British Columbia are standing up against bullying. This week they will be going into the studio to work with Grammy-Award winning producer, Eric Tingstad, to record their new single 'My Stand." In the coming weeks they will be creating a video with messages from people around the world. They are asking people of all ages everywhere to send in still photos holding a written message to be used in the video, this means you and all your bandmates, family, friends and anyone you can share this request with, help put an end to the pain of this senseless social behavior worldwide. 

You can send your photos in jpg format to or by June 30, 2012 with the subject 'My Stand.' The song is slated for release this summer along with the supporting video which will be sent to media outlets worldwide.

Now how bout some music! Here's Cupla's Couch by Couchwest Acoustic LIVE set Bootleg

By Chance.mp3
I'm Going.mp3
Lose Your Love.mp3
Mind Trap.mp3

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