Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Music Seminar Presents Christopher Paul Stelling & The Dead Exs

This Wednesday Night Christopher Paul Stelling will be playing The New Music Seminar at Cameo Gallery, located behind the Lovin' Cup in Williamsburg with our good friends The Dead Exs

Songs of Praise and Scorn, which was released on February 12th,  he recorded the entirety of it in a 200 year old funeral home in Louisville, Kentucky.  Sounds eerie as hell, right?  According to him, “Yeah it was creepy, it’s a fucking 200 year old funeral home; it was just unsettling enough that it was fun to work at.”

Christopher Paul Stelling has been kicking around under the radar between Daytona Beach and New York City for years, apparently working on his craft until he felt the time was right to sign a deal. Judging from his material and performance, and the confidence with which he presents the songs on Songs of Praise and Scorn, the time may have been long past.
With occasional female harmonizing and violin, Stelling has put together an album that will hopefully draw people to live performances where they can see what a real self-contained, modern-day troubadour looks and sounds like. Songs of Praise and Scorn is a fine way to introduce someone who should be a voice to be reckoned with in the years to come.


The Dead Exs (blogged previously here and other places on this blog if you wish to search) have new music coming out very soon....I have stuck it in my ears and it is going to be a killer follow up to their 2011 Debut album 'Resurrection,' which if you haven't gotten yet, I suggest you do. 'Name your price.' They have been playing these new songs at all their shows recently so you are guaranteed to hear these great new tunes on Wednesday night.


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