Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pick a song topic for Shayfer James #songsforsinners

Photo by Lizz Winona

Since Friday Shayfer James has been asking fans for song topics on the twitter hashtag #songsforsinners  
He has already written, and recorded some demos, and posted them on YouTube.  He'll be doing one just about every day.  Anyone who suggests an idea he uses will receive a whole lot of head nodding and the mp3. Follow and play along on twitter 


  1. Shayfer is awesome!

    I'm Lizz.. I suggested song #4. I also happen to be the owner of Lizz Winona Photography- I took the picture at the top of your post! :) Until I get my website up and running.

    Check it out, and if anyone reading this hasn't already... check out Shayfer James!

    1. cool Lizz, added your link at top of post under photo.


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