Friday, June 29, 2012

The Bottle Cap Rockets - First Seven

Al Gross (Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar),Yeurgen Renner (Drums), Chris Wolfer (Bass and backing vocals)

Look for a new Ep 'First Seven' to be released in July '12
The Bottle Cap Rockets is a New Jersey based three piece Indie Rock group formed by
Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist Al Gross. Al has sold a number of his works to Universal Music for use in movies and TV. His songs have been placed in several major pictures including the Academy Award winner “Monster” starring Charlize Theron along with placements in several popular TV shows including “Monk”, “The Osbournes” & “Cold Case”.

Bottle Cap Rocket’s music has a vintage quality but the band has it’s own fresh and current sound. Roots Rock influences can be heard in several numbers. A few tracks travel in a more bluesy direction and then comes the British Power Pop. It takes some confidence and musicianship to rip away the layers of complication in a world where this style of music has been left out in the cold for far too long. Bottle Cap Rockets practice the philosophy of “less is more.”
This three man band needs to be enjoyed LIVE. Look for their EP First Seven slated for release in July 2012 as well as three summer shows.


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