Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Updated: Albuquerque's Red Light Cameras

Amanda Machon-Vocals /Chris Walsh-Guitars, Palmas, Vocals /Barney Lopez-Bass, Harmonica, Palmas, Vocals /Kirsten Lopez-Drums, Cajon, Palmas, Vocals

Update: Live recordings from KUNM's Studio A released 17 June 2012 have a listen

Red Light Cameras is a hot 4 piece Indie/Garage/Pop outfit from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Started in late 2010, Red Light Cameras has quickly become Albuquerque’s Must-See Band! Red Light Cameras are an energetic group of performers that always put on an amazing live show. The band is fronted by musical theatre actress, Amanda Machon, and her powerhouse voice has been described as “what Tina Turner and Janis Joplin would have produced if they ever had a kid together.” (Israel Morales— With Chris Walsh on guitar and husband & wife duo Barney & Kirsten Lopez on bass and drums, everyone agrees Red Light Cameras are “an aural breath of fresh air.” (Dan MacIntosh—Indie Music Reviewer Magazine)

More videos on their YouTube Channel

Red Light Cameras’ groovy beats, quirky lyrics & catchy melodies have quickly caught the attention of local and international audiences. They are “currently taking the city by storm” (Charlie Cargo—Local IQ). When listening to Red Light Cameras you will hear sounds that are inspired by all styles of American music. “There’s much more going on here than noisy rock & roll. For example, “Got My Doubts” is a song balanced upon acoustic guitar and harmonica, while “Home” is a pretty, country-leaning track with slide guitar.” (Dan MacIntosh—Indie Music Reviewer Magazine) But don’t be fooled. Red Light Cameras can rock hard, too. With tracks like “Why” & “Convertible” it’s easy to see that this band “is built for speed.” (Dan MacIntosh—Indie Music Reviewer Magazine)

Three songs from thier debut self-titled album released Oct. 2011 are free via Reverbnation page


Spinning Rock

Debut Self-titled Album released Oct. 2011 Secret EP released Feb. 2011

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