Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Disappointment 'Damn Righteous'

Lee Godleski - Bass/Tj Provenzano - Guitar/Peck - Vocals Guitar/Matt Powell – Drums
The bearded bards of Brooklyn 'The Disappointment' have released a new Ep 'Damn Righteous'  

"Where'd That Drink Come From' A hypnotically melodic stare into your bourbon tune with big beats and striking guitar riffs as Peck laments, 'she said that i keep on losing my mind  one cell at a time cuz i been strictly fixing my high one drink at a time'
'The Prince and the Playground' lay's down a dark film noirish beat with haunting guitar licks, and their signature sarcastic yet poignant lyrics, Peck broodingly sings 'who am i kidding with my  reasons for living here,  who am i fooling with my excuse for moving here,  you ain't no prince, no this ain't your playground'

'Sharp as Knives' Is a groovy tune that highlights the subtle but great keyboard playing of Eric Maltz that is interspersed on the whole EP.

'Technically 17' has a soulful quality with a funky bass beat and harmonic vocals over rhythmic guitars and keyboard but lyrically it is bluesy number as Peck achingly sings, 'so we take turns in our resolve to betray the only good thing that we picked up along the way'

With great expectations do I look for more from this up and coming New York band.

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