Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stream: Foxygen - Take The Kids Off Broadway (Jagjaguwar)

New album coming July 24th 'Take The Kids Off Broadway (Jagjaguwar)' pre-order vinyl here

Stream it....

Foxygen is Sam France, Jonathan Rado and whoever the fuck else they think is glamorous.
Legend has it while the two lads Sam and Jonathan grooved in a bedroom surrounded by instruments and rinky dink recording devices honing their skills, George Harrison descended on a cloud playing the sitar and Jim Morrison rode in upon a great snake and bestowed upon them the mystical powers to channel every psychedelic, funk, blues, garage, and rock riff and vocal style both known and unknown in the mellifluous cosmos and stir them into a magical elixir. They set forth on a cosmic journey ensuing an album trail of “Electric Sun Machine,” “Cat Food, Dog Food, Motor Oil,” “The Jurrassic Exxplosion Phillipic,” “Ghettoplastikk” and then “Kill Art.”

In 2011 they released “EP 2011” recorded on a mono 8-track cassette stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter

Listen to Foxygen Perform Live on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond on East Village Radio [ARCHIVE]

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